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We help our corporate companies, agencies, coaches, trainers, speakers with digital event and video production solutions

Every project big or small is based on our 6 steps IDEA S R framework which comprises of digital event strategy, attendee experience journey, digital marketing, digital storytelling, and digital event platform

We worked closely with our clients through the lifecycle of the digital event project to ensure that the event meets its objectives and ROI.

Why Us

The IDEA SR Framework

An incremental approach to a successful digital event is setting the right objectives and expectations and thus each project awarded, our team will conduct a strategic Design Thinking Session With Our Client Before Embarking On The Project.


Setting the right mood and experience in a digital environment is similar to live event production, managing attendees’ expectations and experiences require a creative approach. At DEA, our team will assist our clients to achieve these objectives.

E - Execution

Good planning without the right tools and platforms will not make a good execution. With great supports from our partners ranging from AV to network solution providers that will create a seamless virtual experience whether its on-demand or live streaming.

A - Analyze

The Event Has Ended. Its Time To Look At The Results At Which Content Has The  Most Likes And Views, Which Keynote Is The Most Popular, Which Video Is The Most Popular, And The Duration That An Attendee Takes To Watch A Video. Paramount Importance in evaluating the success of the event, have the event’s ROI been met, and so on.

S - Share

The beauty of online video, content is the ability to share in the various social media platforms. At DEA, we will help our clients to identify and advise the strategy to continue to engage the community, prospective clients, and clients effectively.


At DEA, we understand the importance of attendees’ behavior, experiences during the event, and hence, at each completed project, we will conduct a post attendee experience journey to identify gaps and improvements for the next virtual project.


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Vivien Hoe

 Digital Events Strategist

An events industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience , Vivien has worked and produced both live events and digital events across Asia Pacific Region in technology events , C Suite Breakfast Meetings .

A strong believer in customer experiences, Vivien believes that a great event whether it is live or virtual MUST encompass the ​IDEA SR framework , ​a proprietary framework that she developed in all the events that she executed.

Her industry knowledge and experience in both live and virtual environments made her a worthy industry leader in leading and sharing her expertise on podcast, virtual conference. Host of Allthingsaboutvirtualevents, each week she shares best practices, concepts and interviews with fellow industry professionals to empower marketers, business leaders, trainers and coaches on the future of events.